How to Get a Shaved Head, No Shaving Required


One of the more annoying parts of shaving is dealing with countless dull razor blades that you have to constantly swap out. Whether you use an old-school safety razor or an electric trimmer, these devices have their limitations when it comes to sharpness and quick maintenance. And if you’re trying to achieve a shaved head, you might be shaving for a while to get every surface of your dome.

Instead of spending hours shopping for a razor that might not even get the job done, try a razor-free method with a hair removal cream or powder, like the many options from SoftSheen Carson. Here, learn how to shave your head without a razor using the TikTok-obsessed Magic shave powder or razorless shaving cream, along with how to care for your shaved head.

How to Get a Bald Head Without Shaving

Shaving has come a long way from the straight razor and shaving cream combo that was once the most popular way to remove facial hair on men. Now, there are endless ways to shave, including ones that don’t require a sharp razor or potential irritation from razor bumps and ingrown hairs. A depilatory cream — per the Cleveland Clinic — is another old hair removal process that weakens the hair to the point of strands falling out, versus shaving which cuts the hair at the root.

You can also use a depilatory cream like one of the Magic shave powder products from SoftSheen Carson if you’re trying to achieve a shaved head without any actual shaving. 

SoftSheen Carson offers several razorless shaving creams and shaving powders that have different scents and hair removal strength for your preferred shave. All of the razorless shaving creams and shaving powders are formulated for a painless and irritation-free shave, without the need for a razor. If you prefer a mess-free hair removal session without any mixing, opt for one of the pre-mixed razorless shaving creams that apply like a paste for quick hair removal.

A tried and true option is the original SoftSheen Carson Magic Regular Strength Razorless Shaving Powder or the paste formula SoftSheen Carson Magic Razorless Cream Shave - Regular Strength Shaving Cream for quick, and smooth hair removal.

SoftSheen Carson Magic Razorless Cream Shave - Extra Strength Shaving Cream and SoftSheen Carson Magic Extra Strength Razorless Shaving Powder are great options if you have thick hair that takes several passes of a razor to remove. There’s even a hair removal powder (aka SoftSheen Carson Magic Fragrant Razorless Shaving Powder), which is formulated with a light, fresh fragrance reminiscent of barbershop appointments.

Is Magic Shave Powder Safe?

SoftSheen Carson Magic shave products are a form of depilatory cream that is safe to use for hair removal for the head, face, underarms, legs, and other hairy areas. Be mindful that none of the hair removal products are made for the genital area. For the best results, make sure your skin is clean and free of any open wounds or skin damage — whether that be a cut, open pimple, or even a sunburn. 

How to Shave Your Head With Magic Shave

The best part about SoftSheen Carson Magic shave products is that they don’t require a lot of prep to use. Simply pick from the seven available products and follow the easy instructions below to get a shaved head in four to seven minutes.

Step 1. Stop Shaving for 36 Hours
Before you can even start using the razorless shaving cream or shaving powder you’ll want to skip using a razor for at least 36 hours for the best results. When you shave your skin with a razor the hair is scraped and shredded and sometimes the skin itself is affected. This irritated skin could become more irritated if you use a depilatory cream directly afterward. Instead, wait 36 hours so your skin is properly healed.

Step 2. Mix the Powder With Water 
If you’re using one of the razorless shaving powders, you’ll have to mix the formulation with water to create the hair removal paste. For those using the razorless shaving creams, you can skip this step. Combine the powder and water at a one-to-one ratio, meaning you’ll mix equal parts water to powder. To cover your entire head start with four teaspoons of water and four teaspoons of powder before combining more. You’ll want the formulation to create a toothpaste-like consistency that is thick enough to cover your entire head, without the ingredients dripping or clumping together.

Step 3. Conduct a Patch Test
While these products are safe to use on the skin and hair, you’ll still want to test out the formulation before applying it to your head. This way you can determine if you’ll have any irritations or reactions to the Magic shave creams or powders.

Step 4. Apply the Magic Shave Powder Mixture or Cream
Cover your entire clean, dry head with a thin but even layer of Magic shave powder or cream of your choice. For any of the Magic shave creams allow the paste to sit on your head for four minutes while the Magic shave powder mixture can stay on for five minutes for those with thin hair and seven minutes for thicker hair types. As the product develops on your scalp it will weaken the strands making them easy to remove without the need for a razor.

Step 5. Wipe it Away
Now for the fun part of this hair process — the removal. All you need to do is take a warm, wet cloth and wipe away the Magic shave depilatory cream from your head and you’ll be left with a smooth, bald head. Depending on the application and the thickness of your hair, you may need to do another round of hair removal. Make sure you wait 24 hours before using Magic Shave products again and repeat the process for further removal. Avoid using harsh soap to scrub away any residue and stick to warm water and a cloth to effectively remove all hair.

How to Care For a Shaved Head

Even if you don’t have hair on your head, you’ll still want a scalp care routine for a clean, smooth shaved head. Below, discover two hair care tips for your freshly shaved head.


1. Keep Your Shaved Head Moisturized

After you complete your hair removal routine add moisture to your scalp to nourish the skin further. You can use a dedicated scalp moisturizer or a lightweight facial cream that won’t irritate the skin on your head. Whether you used a razor to shave your head or depilatory cream, try SoftSheen Carson Magic Skin Bump Rescue 2-In-1 After Shave Gel Moisturizer to reduce razor bumps and keep skin hydrated and smooth.  Remember, your scalp is simply an extension of the skin on your face and body — so it deserves additional care as well.


2. Upkeep New Growth

According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), hair grows at a rate of half an inch a month or approximately six inches every year. This can vary from person to person based on genetics, hair texture, and hair care habits. When you start noticing hair coming in or as a bi-weekly hair removal routine, keep your head smooth with SoftSheen Carson Magic Razorless Cream Shave Bald Head Smooth Head Maintenance.

You can use any of the Magic shave powders or creams, but this one is specifically formulated for bald head maintenance with the added shea butter to nourish the scalp after hair removal. With these products and hair care tips, you’ll be ready to rock a shaved head, without the fear of cutting yourself with a razor or dealing with painful waxing.

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