Softsheen-Carson Optimum AMLA Legend


For over 110 years Softsheen-Carson has provided beauty to all consumers of African descent with innovative, tailor-made, superior products and services.

Softsheen and Carson had a similar and powerful vision: to help people of color celebrate their unique, highly individual looks and styles, through the most innovative products, that have been specially designed for their needs. We at Softsheen-Carson continue this legacy, and have committed to stopping at nothing to give our consumers the largest array of scientifically advanced beauty tools.

Our broad and deep portfolio of brands, which are both rich with heritage and at the height of innovation, make us unique. By relying upon the depth of our scientific know-how, we are continually advancing our products in order to surpass the industry standards, making them the safest and most effective beauty products for our consumers.

We believe that everyone should be able to celebrate his or her own beauty with both confidence and flair. For people of color, this means that they should be able to express who they uniquely want be, and how they uniquely want to look.

Here at Softsheen-Carson, we mix our heart, our soul, and our science into formulas that come through for the community that gave birth to us; helping men, women, and children of color to define and express beauty, on their own terms.

We believe in beauty without compromise!

   Softsheen-Carson Dark and Lovely AU Naturale


With the help of scientists, biologists, and physicists at our laboratories, Softsheen-Carson has secured its place in the market as experts, conducting advanced research in order to bring our consumers safe, reliable, high quality products that are guaranteed to provide astonishing results.

Our unique and dedicated team of scientists and biologists has allowed us to develop advanced and extensive knowledge, making us the experts on hair and skin physiology for consumers of African descent on a worldwide scale.  For this reason, all of the beauty products developed at the Softsheen-Carson laboratories are specifically dedicated and adapted to perfectly meet our consumers’ beauty needs.

We are committed to being the world leader in afro-specific hair care, and continue to focus all of our energy on delivering state-of-the-art hair care technologies that our consumers can