Best Hairstyles to Show Off Your Reality Red-Dyed Hair


Going red means turning heads. With our new Fade Resist Hair Color in Reality Red, a stunning burgundy designed to pop on dark, textured hair, you can give yourself red hair color at home. After you dye your hair this eye-catching shade, you’ll of course want to flaunt it, which is where we come in. Below, find inc-RED-ible red hairstyles for Reality Red and other red shades plus tips on red hair maintenance.

Our Top Picks for Red Braids Hairstyles

First up on our list: red braids hairstyles. These protective styles will help your red hair color stand out.

Red Box Braids

Red box braids show off your color and length, and they can be gathered into other hairdos. Made with high tension, box braids start with hair that’s divided into boxes. Extensions, which are fed into a knot created at the root, are woven throughout the braid for thickness. Doing box braids can take hours but, on the upside, they’re low maintenance.

Red Knotless Braids 

Red knotless braids are another amazing protective style that will put your hair color center stage. Like box braids, knotless braids usually have extensions woven in. The main difference is that knotless braids start with natural hair rather than a knot, giving them smooth roots compared to boxless braids. Knotless braids are also made with lower tension, so they’ll cause less damage to your edges.


Red Twist Braids 

One of the easiest protective styles for red dyed hair is red twist braids. They’re quicker to install than both box braids and knotless braids and are low tension and lightweight. Create a simple two-strand twist braid by dividing hair into two sections and then twisting the sections of hair over each other. Twist varieties include Marley twists, which have a coarse texture and Havana twists, which are bigger yet lighter than Marley twists.

Our Top Picks for Long Red Hairstyles

Ready to show off your new shade with long red hair styles? We’ve got you covered with the best red hairstyles for flowing tresses.

Deep Side Part

Sometimes you don’t want to spend more than a few minutes doing your hair, and that’s OK! Giving yourself a deep side part is a dramatic yet simple change that pairs well with your dramatically beautiful red hair color, and it works on all hair textures. To get the look, create your desired part using the pointy end of a rattail comb. Then flip the larger section of hair so it falls on its own side. Smooth any flyaways with hair oil or a styling product with hold.

Long Angled Bob

Can the fierce long angled bob get any fiercer? It can — when it’s dyed red. The long angled bob is shortest at the back and gradually becomes longer at the front, creating a sharp angle when viewed from the side. Work with your stylist to determine how angled you want the cut to be.

Red Ponytail

The classic ponytail gets a revival with red hair color! You can customize your red ponytail in multiple ways: gathered at the crown for a high ponytail, gathered at the neck for a low ponytail, with sleek ends or with curly ends.

Our Top Picks for Short Red Hairstyles

Short hairstyles are always striking, but add red hair dye to the mix and you’ve got the recipe for sensational looks. These short red hairstyles are proof that the best red hairstyles can be short and sweet.

Red Bob Hair

Red bob hair radiates fun and is especially chic in the warmer months. Unlike the long angled bob, classic bob hair is shorter, hitting somewhere between the chin and shoulders, and has a softer profile. To make sure it’s flattering on you, be clear about the length and angle when you go to the salon. If you’re getting this cut on natural hair, ask your stylist for layers at the front to give your curls movement.

Red Pixie Cut

Red brings extra edge to the pixie cut. In this look, the hair at the back and sides are short and the hair at the top is longer. All textures can look good in this cut. To put your own spin on the red pixie cut, get micro bangs, an eyebrow-grazing fringe or style your hair with finger waves.

Red Faux Hawk

There’s no way you won’t be the center of attention in a red faux hawk, a rock-inspired style that’s dyed red. Like a mohawk, a faux hawk draws attention to hair at the center of the head, starting from the hairline and extending to the back. However, in a true mohawk, the sides are fully shaved, and in a faux hawk, that isn’t the case. Make the red faux hawk your own by cutting short sides, slicking back your sides or doing your sides in cornrows.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to maintain dyed red hair?

There are many habits regarding how to maintain dyed red hair, such as washing hair infrequently and using gentle products. Red hair color will last longer if you don’t wash your hair often. When washing your hair, use a sulfate-free shampoo that won’t strip your hair of natural oils or a shampoo formulated for red-dyed hair that deposits red pigments.  Other crucial parts of red hair maintenance involve limiting your use of blow dryers and irons, covering your hair with a hat or scarf (when the sun is strong) and applying a hair mask before swimming in the pool or ocean to protect your hair from chlorine or saltwater.  

What color can I put over red hair?

If your red hair color is quickly disappearing, you might be wondering, what color can I put over red hair? You should be able to easily dye over red hair with any darker shade, as going darker doesn’t require high lift for visible results. This means you can probably dye over red hair with black or deep brown hair colors.

How long does red hair dye last?

The answer to how long does red hair dye last is this: up to 8 weeks. Several factors, from your personal hair growth rate to how well you’ve done red hair maintenance, which we talked about above, may shorten or extend this estimate.

How to tone down red hair after coloring?

How to tone down red hair after coloring requires hair care products that neutralize unwanted tones, such as a pigment-depositing shampoo specifically made for red hair. You can also use a purple shampoo. Although meant for blonde dyed hair, purple shampoo can neutralize brassy yellow or orange tones that show up in lightened hair that’s been dyed red.

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