10 Auburn Hair Color Ideas for a Fall-Inspired Mane Year Round


Refresh your hair color for a rich hue that’s constantly making its rounds on TikTok and Instagram and has been worn on the heads of Black women for decades. You may have heard of trending pumpkin spice latte (PSL) hair or even cowboy copper. However, through all these micro-niche shade names, the base inspiration will forever be known as auburn.
In the natural hair community, this hair color is a staple for its easy maintenance and limited hair processing — it won’t damage your mane as much as going bleach blonde or any extremely light hair color would. If you’re itching for a change with stunning results, let auburn hair be the color you try. Here, discover 10 auburn hair color ideas for all hair types along with some of the best at-home hair kits to achieve this vibrant color for yourself.

What Color is Auburn Hair?

Auburn is a meld of red, brown, and (occasionally) orange that comes in varying undertones and brightness. It has a blend of colors to create a unique shade that differs from fire engine red colors. Since auburn hair is categorized as a shade of red, it’s considered a natural color that someone can be born with. The specific shade will vary and can be worn as a cool-toned or warm-toned auburn color.
Cool-toned auburn colors will fall on the darker side with colors similar to mahogany and burgundy, and embrace a deep chocolate undertone with highlights of red or purple. Warm-toned auburn combines a mixture of copper and ginger orange shades with a red and brunette base for a lighter color that’s ultra-versatile through the changing seasons. These auburn shades are more similar to rusty browns and pumpkin spice without the blonde hues.

10 Auburn Hair Color Ideas

Now for the fun part. Whether you’re already convinced to enter the auburn hair lifestyle or need more inspiration, check out the below color ideas to potentially dye your hair.

1. Rich Auburn
When you think of auburn you’re probably thinking of a dark red color like this rich auburn shade. This shade keeps the undertones dark with tinges of purple that blend with red to create a deep burgundy color. Step outside into the sun with rich auburn hair and see the subtle purple shade that looks natural. Choose a permanent at-home hair dye like the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Rich Auburn Rich Conditioning Color which offers up to eight weeks of fade-resistant color and a vibrant shine.

2. Cherry Cola
If you were to pour a can of cherry cola into a glass you’ll notice it has a dark red color mixed with a brown color. That’s the inspiration behind this auburn shade that differs from a rich auburn color for its emphasis on the cherry red color that stays away from bright purple tones. This color embraces a dark base, so you won’t need to worry about lightening natural brunette or black hair to enjoy this color.

Simply use Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Vivacious Red Rich Conditioning Color which offers powerful pigment without the need for hair bleach. Dark & Lovely Fade Resist hair dyes offer a permanent color without the need for constant touch-ups and are formulated with argan oil and vitamin E to keep hair conditioned during the coloring process.

3. Pumpkin Spice Latte
It’s safe to say that this fall-time favorite should be a year-long thing — in both beverage availability and hair color possibilities. It’s an enjoyable drink and a beautiful hair color with warmer undertones of orange and brown. You can give pumpkin spice latte an auburn twist by blending a brunette shade with tints of orange and red.

Use a combination of Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Sunkissed Brown Rich Conditioning Color which will gently lighten dark hair while depositing a pumpkin spice latte color without bright orange or blonde hues. The sunkissed brown color will slightly lift dark brunette hair while keeping the warm tones needed for the vivacious red to give hair an auburn color.

4. Cowboy Copper
Saturate curls with a version of the pumpkin spice latte color that has a deeper red color. Cowboy copper offers the warmth of a bright copper color with a brunette base for a medium auburn shade. Dye your natural hair with the ultra-pigmented Dark & Lovely Go Intense Spicy Red Ultra Vibrant Color, which was formulated to highlight the natural undertones of dark hair for a personalized color. This intense box dye is designed for dark hair, meaning you won’t have to lighten your strands beforehand to get a “yee-haw” worthy cowboy copper color.

5. Ginger Auburn
Light auburn hair tends to look ginger red when you shine a light on it. This color is ideal for those who want a natural-looking hair color with lighter red colors. Orange is the base for this gingery auburn brunette mane that has a sienna shade similar to falling autumn leaves. You could easily tell people that this is your natural hair color and no one would think otherwise, especially when wearing hair in its natural curl pattern. Voluminous curls and stretched afros are good at hiding any growing roots thanks to their big shape.

Convince people you’re a natural redhead with the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Red Hot Rhythm Rich Conditioning Color which paints hair a vibrant color with lasting pigment, even after multiple washes.

6. Amber Brandy
Try not to confuse ginger auburn and amber brandy. While both colors fall near the lighter auburn scale, the amber brandy color relies on its honey base for a brighter cool-toned look. To achieve this color on dark hair you’ll want to slightly lighten hair for a light brunette or gold base. You can achieve this, with minimal damage, by using the Dark & Lovely Dark & Lovely Uplift Hair Bleach Kit which easily lifts the dark pigment from hair while maintaining curly and coily hair texture.

Keep in mind you’ll only need a slightly lightened base, so you can cut your bleach processing time in half to achieve the slightly gold base needed. Then, use the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Vivacious Red Rich Conditioning Color as instructed for a silky, honey-auburn color.

7. Dark Spicy Red
Grab inspiration from your spice cabinet for a deep auburn color that’s a more vibrant version of cherry cola. A spicy red shade will look less amber brown and more fiery like the colors of smoked paprika and red chili flakes. This color gets its auburn look by embracing natural brown or black hair that allows the spicy red shade to come through with more vibrancy.

Give your naturally dark hair a spice-inspired auburn color with Dark & Lovely Go Intense Spicy Red Ultra Vibrant Color which covers up to 100 percent of grays for an even, overall permanent color.

8. Cinnamon Red
Prepare yourself for the endless compliments that you’ll get after dyeing strands this red-based auburn color, reminiscent of a popular movie theater candy. Cinnamon red hair gives the shine of dark spicy red hair with a deeper tone that mirrors the hues of cowboy copper. Paint strands with a medium auburn color like the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Red Hot Rhythm Rich Conditioning Color. The fade-resistant formula locks in moisture and shine to limit hair breakage and minimize damage to natural hair.

9. Mulled Apple Cider
You can dye your hair an auburn shade any time of year, but it’s especially popular during the fall with the desire to match fall activities. Besides the yummy PSL, there’s another seasonal drink to take hair color inspiration from. Mulled apple cider blends brown, red, and orange hues for a bright auburn color. Opt for a red-based hair dye like the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Vivacious Red Rich Conditioning Color which rinses to reveal a slight blood orange color. The liquid gel formula makes it easy to fully saturate coils, hair extensions, and locs for a true-to-tone color.

10. Crimson Maroon
There are a lot of auburn colors in this list that feature tinges of purple and burgundy, but this one pushes these shades to the forefront. Auburn hair color can sometimes be categorized as a shade of maroon, with these dark undertones still mixed in. A crimson maroon shade is a vibrant example of a bright auburn shade that has fun with the purple and red combination. For a bold color that puts your hair front and center, try the Dark & Lovely Fade Resist Crimson Moon Rich Conditioning Color which dyes hair a deeper auburn.

How to Care for Auburn Hair

1. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo
Natural hair doesn’t need to be washed as frequently as other hair types, so you’ll be able to keep your hair color fresh for longer. Washing hair frequently runs the risk of fading your color quicker, which is why it’s vital to pick an at-home hair dye like the ones from Dark & Lovely that’ll stay vibrant through each wash.
2. Keep Hair Moisturized
Moisture is already a big part of natural hair upkeep, but it becomes extra important after color-treating hair in any form. Most hair dyes are formulated with chemicals to lighten hair and add color, resulting in weakened strands. Thankfully the Dark & Lovely at-home dye kits are formulated with nourishing ingredients to limit breakage. You should keep constant moisture in your hair by adding a deep conditioner or hydrating styling cream to your hair care routine.

After shampooing hair, saturate it with a deep conditioner. To wrap hair in a mask of moisture with the infused silk protein, shea butter, and castor oil. Allow the conditioner to sit on your hair from root to the ends for five minutes — or longer for a more intense moisture treatment — before rinsing in the shower.

3. Protect Against Heat Damage
Heat and color-treated hair are not friends since heating tools like blow dryers and other hair straighteners can damage already weakened strands while also causing hair color to fade quickly. In addition to using a fade-resistant hair dye like the ones mentioned in this guide, you should limit the frequency of using hot tools, and when you do use them keep the temperature down to protect brittle strands. Anytime you use a hot styling tool add a layer of protection with a heat shield.

4. Refresh Color as Needed
Once you go red you’ll never want to go back — the color is that powerful. To upkeep your color, plan to re-dye roots every 10 to 12 weeks or as needed. The frequency will ultimately depend on how fast your hair grows and the way you style it. If you keep your hair in its natural curl pattern you may be able to wait several months before re-dyeing since the volume of your hair can hide fresh root growth.

That’s why those who like to keep hair straight with a silk press or blowout may want to touch up new growth more regularly since this hair texture puts roots on display. If you usually wear your hair in braids, locs, or any other protective style you can limit touch-ups by embracing a subtle ombre during the grow-out phase.

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