Posted on Sep 03, 2018

Singer and sensation LeToya Luckett always looks lovely, but she knows that short hair cuts can get a little blah if you don’t keep it fresh. We’re not talking about Bad Hair Days, we’re talking about BORING Hair Days. There are only so many ways to style short hair, right? That’s why LeToya is keeping things exciting with Dark and Lovely’s Go Intense Color Sprays — temporary, ultra vibrant color hairsprays that go on in an instant and washes out whenever you’re ready for the next hair color! Now it’s so easy to create brand new looks for your short hairstyle without a salon appointment or harsh chemicals, and there are so many gorgeous, luxe hair colors to choose from.


This summer, LeToya’s especially loving her luxurious Rose Gold hair layered with Think Pink highlights for a bold ombre style. We can’t get enough of this cool metallic hairstyle, and it couldn’t be easier to achieve at home. Just choose the section of hair you’d like to color with your first shade — whether it’s a highlight, half your head or all your tresses at once — and spray from about 6-8 inches away. Then move to the next section of hair and spray with the second color. Repeat as many times as you’d like, with as many colors as you want! Give your color a second to dry, and that’s it! Tousle your short cut for maximum volume and body and you’re good to go.


Go Intense Color Sprays are great on so many cute hair styles — not just short hair — from box braids to cornrows to curls to Bantu knots to afros to locs, and can be used on natural hair or crochet hair styles. Get creative with tonal sprays and give yourself that balayage look without the salon appointment or the cost. Play with luxurious metallics and give yourself some Gold Rush  or Silver Lining highlights! Or choose your favorite statement color and go full-on to to transform your entire look - how about Bombshell Blue or Lucky Lavender ? (Who doesn’t feel more inspired wearing purple hair??) There are so many ultra-vibrant hair colors to choose from.


Tired of damaging your hair with bleach, hair dye and harsh color treatments? Bored of sitting and waiting for your hair dye to set when you’d rather be out enjoying the summer? Go Intense Color Sprays give you 100% color impact with 0% commitment to permanent bleaches and dyes, sparing your hair from processing and damage.


So get ready to transform your own short hair cut into a superstar look! If you’re wondering how to spray hair color on hair the right way, be sure to watch LeToya’s video and see how effortless it really is. Once you see how a little temporary hair color spray can help you switch up short hairstyles like LeToya’s, or any natural hairstyles, you’ll never have a Boring Hair Day ever again. Go big, go bold — Go Intense.