Posted on Dec 14, 2016

Here’s the thing: we all have that feeling that people should know what not to say to women rocking their natural hair. But, the crazy thing is, even in 2016, Black women still have to tell the world “don’t touch their hair”, shout out to Solange.
Our new #ThatsMyCurl video series was created for you and by you for this very reason. We hear you voice your natural hair concerns, experiences (both funny and unfortunate), on social media and in real life! We know that you’re so over having people ask you “how your hair does that”. We know what you’re silently dealing with on washday. We know your shrinkage battles.

We know your hair. And we celebrate it.

That’s why we created our new video series. Take a look at the first few episodes and let us know how you’ll be celebrating your natural tresses.

Remember, Dark and Lovely wants you to forever shout #ThatsMyCurl.