Posted on Aug 23, 2018

Damaged hair? You should care! If you want your hair to look amazing, you’ve got to keep it healthy and happy. Unfortunately, summer is a season that takes a harsh toll on tresses, for three big reasons:

1) Environment.

Whether your go-to way to keep cool is the pool or the beach, your vacay destination can seriously stress out your strands (think sun, sand, salt water and chlorine).

2) Moisture loss.

Spending time in the sun is great for your daily dose of Vitamin D — but excessive sun exposure can result in UV damage and dry, fried hair.

3)Heat Styling.

If you’re going for a sleek look, your blow dryer and flat iron don’t get a summer vacation. But the breakage they cause can multiply on top of other sources of hair damage.

Put these three all together and you can see why summer and after-summer hair craves a nourishing, hydrating breakage routine!

Fortunately, you don’t have to miss out on any outdoor fun for the sake of healthy hair. Our new Damage Slayer collection with Texture Bond is an effective and effortless healthy hair regimen, repairing hair damage, banishing breakage, and revitalizing your crowning glory. Thanks to cutting-edge salon-grade technology formulated for at-home use, this easy system works as an incredible damaged hair routine to undo heat damage on natural hair, reverse color damage, seal split ends and treat other symptoms of weak tresses, bringing your hair back to its fiercest and freshest state.

Planning a holiday beach getaway? Make sure to take Damage Slayer in your suitcase to hydrate deep at the core of your strands, sealing in softness and moisture to keep hair resilient and nourished despite exposure to sun, sand and salt water.

Love to heat style your hair and in need of a proven breakage treatment or split end treatment to aid with heat damage recovery? Incorporate Damage Slayer into your healthy hair routine and see up to 96% less breakage in just 6 uses — whether you’re combatting heat damage on natural hair, transitioning hair or relaxed hair.

Looking for color damage hair repair that really works? Moisturize colored hair and extend the life of your highlights and hues with the innovative science of Texture Bond, developed to change and improve the structure of each strand.

Whatever your hair type — or your type of damage —- Damage Slayer is a must-have in your hair care arsenal. And it doesn’t just slay existing damage: in addition to repairing and restoring hair from the inside out, it also strengthens the hair cuticle for a smooth protective barrier that prevents future damage, too. So go live your best life in your best hair ever, and never worry about hair damage again!