Combing Cream 101

Posted on Mar 31, 2016

While Combing Creams are a MUST-HAVE in a curly girl’s hair care regimen…if you live in Brazil, they are a relatively new trend in the USA. “Creme para Pentear,” as it is known in Brazil, has been used for decades as a staple in a woman’s haircare routine, especially for curly or wavy hair. Brazilian women, of varying hair textures, are able to more easily manage and style their curly hair in part because combing creams have become an integral part of their haircare regimen.
What is a Combing Cream & what are the benefits?
In Brazil Combing Creams make up their own unique segment in the haircare market separate from styling products and separate from leave-in conditioners. Combing Creams have an entire wall dedicated to them in the Brazilian haircare aisles. Think of them as BB creams but for hair. Similar to a BB Cream, a Combing Cream provides multiple benefits in a single step. In other words, by addressing multiple needs at once it allows for the elimination of various products used that would otherwise weigh the hair down and put unnecessary stress on your waves and curls.
The three main benefits of using a combing cream are (1) it helps detangle (2) moisturizes and (3) & defines curls without the use of holding polymers. Thereby the use of a Combing Cream simplifies the overall process making it the perfect all-in-one hair prep, which makes styling your hair that much easier.

For example, think of a wash and go style. For many curly women in the USA this style is anything but fast and easy as the name implies. Some women layer up to five or six products. The entire “wash and go” process can take hours. But with a Combing Cream all you would have to do is simply apply it after the hair has been thoroughly washed and conditioned, then just shape your curls and you are ready to go! That’s it, Perfect Curls in record time.

How often should one apply a Combing Cream?
Apply Combing Cream after shampooing and conditioning or co-washing. Disperse evenly with fingers or a wide-tooth comb working it through damp hair for expert detangling and ultimate curl definition providing the perfect canvas to effortlessly continue onto styling all in one application.
What hair styles can a Combing Cream help achieve? The Amla Combing Cream can be used to more quickly and easily achieve any desired style, from the perfect wash and go look to a super defined twist out. While Combing Creams may not be widely known yet in the USA, they are commonly used by Salon and hair artists especially those with a large clientele of women with textured, curly or wavy hair. “Combing Creams help prep naturally curly hair making it much easier for a stylist to control and manage the client’s hair. When the client’s mane is moisturized, detangled and defined with minimal clumping and frizz, the end results are much more desirable and aspirational. It can be used for any style, whether the client wants a smooth blow out, a protective style or an integrate style for a special event. After all, a satisfied client is more likely to guarantee more frequent return visits” - Johnny Wright, Celebrity Stylist an Artistic Director.

What sets the Amla Legend Combing Cream apart from others? Optimum Salon Haircare has transported this unique combing cream innovation to the USA as part of Amla Legend, an oil-infused haircare line. The Amla Combing Cream is infused with lightweight Amla Oil, which is derived from the superfruit that is rich in antioxidants and vitamins. In just one use, this oil-cream formula protects hair from breakage by sealing in strength and moisture for ultimate protection. This miracle hair perfector provides superior detangling, conditioning moisture and perfect curl definition with enhanced softness and legendary shine.