How To Color Your Hair At Home

Learn how to color your hair at home with these tips and easy-to-follow instructions to achieve flawless results.

Apply color to dry hair only.

Do not shampoo hair before coloring unless you’re experiencing excessive build-up.  If necessary, shampoo 24 hours in advance.

Coloring Relaxed Hair

Wait at least 14-days after bleaching, relaxing or perming before permanently coloring your hair.

Achieving the Color on the Box

Always use the compare chart on the side panel of the box.  If your pre-dye shade doesn’t pair with your expected color, a pre-lighten + condition may be required 14 days before.

Covering up Gray Hairs

Begin your application where your grays are first- as these strands tend to be a tad more resistant.  Extend an extra 10 minutes if needed to this section.

Skin Protection

Protect the skin from staining with a dime-sized amount of the “after care conditioner” included in your color kit.  Put along the hairline prior to applying your dye.

Conditioning is Key

Immediately after coloring, always apply enough conditioner to saturate each strand of hair.  Conditioning after each shampoo will help color remain vibrant and help hair remain protected from damage.

Test before you Commit

Strand tests are the best way to preview how the dye will take your hair or those bundles.  Pull a few loose strands of hair from your comb & completely immerse it into the mixture for 30 minutes.  Rinse and preview your color results.

Semi vs. Permanent Hair Color

Semi-permanent dyes are temporary which rinse out little by little each time your hair gets wet.  For something more long lasting, a permanent solution like our Fade Resist collection will leave you with rich conditioning color for up to 8 weeks!

Experiencing Dry Hair

Amp up your conditioning treatments by adding heat to this important step.  After applying your after care conditioner, cover you hair with a shower cap and wrap head with a warm towel.