Natural Hair | 3 Ways to Make Your Protective Hair Style Pop with Go Intense Temporary Color Sprays

Posted on Aug 22, 2018

We all know it’s important to protect hair ends from damage and promote natural hair growth, but why do so many protective styles for natural hair have to look so boring? Just because we want our hair to be healthy doesn’t mean we want to rock a basic bun every day! We were getting a little tired of our go-to looks for protecting curly hair, so we asked influencer Micaéla Verrelien to show us a few of her favorite protective hairstyles — and demonstrate how to add some fun, ultra-saturated temporary hair color (from ombre to highlights) so each look really pops.


Micaéla came through with three super cute hairstyles that are perfect for summer and beyond, all featuring Dark and Lovely’s Go Intense Color Sprays to turn protective styles into major hair moments. Especially this time of year, it’s good to tuck away your ends to save them from UV damage, not to mention the dryness of hot air, crazy cold indoor AC and wildly fluctuating transitional temps. The good news is that any time is prime time to play with color and go for a full-on glamorous look that shines as brightly as you — even when you’re protecting your hair!


(By the way, even though Micaéla’s showing us three protective hairstyles, there’s something for everyone here, whether you're rocking a weave, a feed-in braid, crochet locs or letting your natural hair out in all its glory. It’s really all about the color — so read on to get inspired whatever your hair type, texture or style.)


Look 1: Ombre Afro

First up: Micaéla loves taking her afro from average to amazing with Go Intense Temporary Color Sprays , layering Pretty in Pink and Rose Gold for a luxe ombre hair look that keeps it all in the pink family. Recreate the look for yourself by choosing tonal hair sprays and starting at the hair ends. Hold hairspray 12 inches from hair and spray in short bursts to saturate hair, moving around to cover the desired areas. Then repeat with the second color, and continue to use as many shades as you’d like, working up toward the crown to achieve a gently graduated saturated effect. Micaéla's Ombre Fro protective hairstyle is great for those of us who love a good balayage look in theory but can’t deal with the processing and damage. (Hint: you don’t need to be wearing a protective style to achieve ombre hair — use Go Intense Temporary Color Sprays on your natural hair and enjoy all the fun and fabulousness of ultra-vibrant color with zero commitment and no harsh chemicals!)


Look 2: Sleek Pin Back Style

Going away for the weekend? Opt for a sleek Mermaid Pin Back featuring waves of Bluetricity and Mint Condition. You can go as subtle or as statement as you’d like: just start spraying Go Intense at the ends of your weave and layer on more product to achieve deeper, more vibrant color. Go for a single solid color or take a cue from Micaéla and mix it up with multiple hair colors, shifting from blue to green hairsprays for a chic color block effect. Put the finishing touches on your protective hair by using bright blue pins on your natural hair, placing them around the crown as a decorative accent that complements your newly sprayed hair.


Look 3: The Drama Pony

Last but not least, a look we adore for music concerts and festivals! This protective hairstyle couldn’t be easier to achieve and is such a dramatic look with zero fuss. Start by spraying a long feed-in braid with your favorite shade or shades of Go Intense Color Spray. We love Micaéla’s choice of purple and blue. Then simply attach for instant color and length that adds that something extra to any outfit! Remember that you can achieve colorful braids on any hair type and texture - Go Intense is safe and healthy for natural hair, curly hair, short hair, ANY HAIR because it gives you 100% color impact without any permanent bleaching or hair dye.


Purple hair? Rose gold hair? Silver hairBlue hairOmbre? Highlights? Whatever your mood, get inspired by Micaéla to color your world, and your protective hairstyles, with ultra-vibrant and totally temporary Go Intense Color Sprays . And don’t forget, whether you’re looking for a way to shake up your natural hair from day to day, do something different with your bangs, inject some spice into your short haircut, or need some fabulous festival hairstyle inspo, these creative ideas are great for all hair types and textures, not just protective — so think outside the box and live life in color!