30 minutes:
Optimum Care®
Salon Collection -
Pamper, Style and Shine

Step 1:

Begin by using Optimum Care Salon Collection’s Replenishing Shampoo and Fortifying Conditioner. This power-packed duo will strengthen any hair type from the inside out.

Step 2:

While the hair is wet use a generous amount of Weave Care® Weightless Styling Foam throughout. Start applying in the back of the head, and work your way around to the front.

Step 3:

Mold and dry the hair using a hood dryer, or blow dry using a denman brush for smoothness and shine.

Step 4:

Take 1/2 inch sub-sections, and working from the bottom up, polish the hair with a ceramic flat iron for a reflective shine and polish.

Step 5:

Finish off the look with a mist of Optimum Care Salon Collection Mineral Oil-Free Sheen Spray for brilliant shine.

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